GOT7 debut with “Girls, Girls, Girls”!


Hey Girls, Girls, Girl~~

Are you ready for some GOT7 hot new MV!?

The boys have finally released their debut single “Girls, Girls, Girls“! With their fierce and charismatic dance moves to their cute posing and sexy style the boys have already shown us what they are totally made of!

Check it out!!

Tell us what you think about their new MV!

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3 responses to “GOT7 debut with “Girls, Girls, Girls”!

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  2. Everything about the group is something I love not just their debut song and now they are my second favourite group after 2PM (I’m so JYP bias >_<). All the members are likeable and their songs are nice (especially 난 니가 좋아)

    Definitely supporting them!

    I hope you will also check out my new blog post on them and comment, I'd appreciate your opinion a lot 🙂

    • Their debut song is awesome right, literally been on reply all week long ; your second bias group already! well yh i can see them becoming a 2PM 2.0, but with their own unique flavour.

      Thank you for your comment, will definietly check out your post 😀

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